Investment in a healthy relationship

Is it possible to value a happy relationship in gold? Does it make sense to compare the cost of successful couples therapy with the cost of a breakup?

Support from an expert

What we probably all learn in the course of our lives: Quality has its price!

Why do the fees of couple therapists sometimes differ so much? There is a very important reason for this: The professional title “couples therapist” is not protected by law in Germany. This means that anyone can call themselves a couples therapist without having to have the necessary professional qualifications, such as a degree in psychology. Consequently, everyone is allowed to determine the financial value of his or her work.

How do you recognize the high-quality and professional work of a couple therapist? By exactly three requirements:

Expertise – many years of professional experience – personal commitment

A professional therapy and consulting process does not contain any blanket tips and tricks, but strategies tailored to you. The more suitable the solutions to your individual problems and challenges, the more efficient the process and the higher the quality of the result. When choosing a couples therapist, it is therefore important to inform yourself well in advance and to get an idea of the person yourself on site.

Price table for couple therapy

For individually booked couples therapy sessions:

  • Single session
  • 60 Minutes
  • 360,-*
  • Classic couples therapy session
  • 90 Minutes
  • 410,-*
  • Power day
  • 8-12 Hours
  • 1.800,-

Principally, the fee is to be paid in cash after the end of the session. Other payment methods may be arranged.