Nice that you are interested in an initial consultation with me

First interview

People who decide upon a couple therapy most commonly suffer from extremely serious problems. Many couples visiting my practice are already on the brink of separation, or have at least considered it. In such a situation, the first therapy session is a wonderful first step back to a loving togetherness as well as lasting levity and ease.


If the first twenty minutes of our session give you or me the impression that our cooperation is not working out or uncomfortable for some reason, we will stop without charging any costs.

Quick help

Couples in an acute relationship crisis generally need help as quickly as possible. Therefore, my office team is available almost 24/7 to answer your most urgent questions, to find the earliest possible appointment, or to arrange a therapy session immediately.


My counseling is always subject to absolute secrecy. When making an appointment, we take care to prevent overlappings in the waiting area to ensure highest possible discretion. Optionally, the consultation can take place at the phone or online, e.g. via Skype.

Diana Boettcher

Couples therapy Berlin